Vacations, Carnival Style

Rocket City Bloggers is a group of people in and around north Alabama that get together once a month to discuss topics related to blogging. Of course, sometimes we only get together to socialize. It’s great belonging to this group of people and I always enjoy their company.

Our group also puts on the Rocket City Bloggers Carnival, a roundup so to speak of a themed-topic links that rotates hosts and hostesses once a month. This month, obviously, it is my turn to host the Rocket City Bloggers Carnival and we are doing vacations.

So come with me and enjoy our Carnival of Vacations:

Our first blogger, Julie of Counting My Spoons submits Jamaica - traveling with Fibro where she explains how to prepare for a trip for someone with special dietary needs. I am in awe of her for sticking to her guns and doing her research. Way to go Julie!

Next entry is from Joe Martin and he talks about staying fit and exercising while on vacation. He lists a few different FUN and EASY ways to squeeze in some exercise routines while you are trying to be lazy and relax on vacation. Joe is so totally awesome and I just love him, in a little brother sort of way. He’s such a nice guy and he truly cares about health and fitness. He does it for a living you know. I’m gonna have to jot down some of his listed vacation exercise routines because I’m about to be sprawled out on Orange Beach soon and will need to force myself to practice these exercises. And why yes, I did have to Google “plyometric pushups” and I’ll have to pass on those, for now anyway.

Rocket City Bloggers has implemented a new cheering section of its facility and we’ve started a Blogger of the Week campaign at our site. AKA JANE RANDOM is this week’s star and so these next two entries are from her. AKA JANE RANDOM, if you haven’t read her, is freakin’ hilarious! She’s a great writer too. She has a way of taking you right along with her and you are in the action too.

  1. AKA JANE RANDOM’s first post is about wanting to meet a cute guy in Key West and she did, several of them actually, they just weren’t her type.
  2. The next post from AKA JANE RANDOM talks about having date night at Epcot of all places and she supplies a ton of photos. Yes, go there, now.

Editor of Rocket City Mom, Stephenie Walker, comes in with lots to do in Nashville. So if you just need a quickie vacation, head on up to Nashville, because Stephenie has listed several ways for families to have fun such as going to the zoo, art galleries, and she even tells you where the good places are to eat, which is the most important part, to me.

Kathryn Lang, a freelance writer, submits her entry and even supplies her own blurb. I love it when that happens, of course, she is a writer after all. "Going on vacation can help you build the career that you desire for your life." She gives a few pointers about how going on vacation can help get you out of that constraining box.

Destination dining anyone? Suzanne Haggerty of Entirely Adequate does it and she explains it all in her entry titled The Joys of Destination Dining.

They (whoever they are) say that in writing, the first sentence is important and Suzanne has skills in that department too.

When the husband and I go on vacation, we tend to plan our itinerary around food.

The carnival continues with Nina Soden who emphatically wants a vacation. She also goes on to break down three previous vacations she and her family have taken, all different, and shares the pros and cons.

Storyteller extraordinaire, David Hitt, comes in with his blog entry - Come With Me And Escape - where he talks about his first vacation. Now that’s my kind of holiday. I love those kind of leisurely time-offs of just relaxing and doing nothing.

Health, fitness, dieting, and exercising on vacation is in the air today, ThinBitch preaches about the importance of keeping up with your healthy eating and exercising while on vacation.

Mrs. Dragon writes about her week long travel back to the Bay Area after having to sit for her Professional Engineer exam, which she passed by the way. Apparently, traveling after taking this exam is tradition. She has a two part series of her travels back to California so check them out, Part I and Part II. I especially like the ice cream part.

Well, that about does it for the Carnival of Vacations. Did you have fun? Did you learn something new? If you want to leave a comment on any of the Rocket City Bloggers submissions then please let them know you came in via the Carnival.

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