The Nook w/Glowlight

I realize I’m behind the curve on this… talking about eReaders. I don’t care. I am embarrassed to tell you but I was not a big reader of books before. I know! But there it is for all to see and read. I mean I read books but it was rare. To say I read one book a year would be stretching it. I don’t know why. And for being a so-called writer, this is not good, so I’ve read. Heh.

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Anyway, a few years ago I began my journey with eReaders via an iPad I won at our company Christmas party. It was the first generation iPad and they were the hot ticket item at the time. I was so shocked (and very pleased) that I won the iPad. One of the first things I did was to download the Nook app. I also downloaded the Kindle app but I only used the Nook app for whatever reason.

Let me tell you, once I downloaded that first book on a the Nook app? I was off and running, err, I mean reading. I read so many books that first six months it wasn’t even funny. Why? Why did I start reading more on an eReader? What was the attraction? Maybe it is because I stay on the computer all the time at work and my eyes have gotten used to reading stuff on a monitor? Therefore making it easy to transition to reading books on an eReader? I don’t know, but I what I do know is that I LOVE an eReader.

Recently, though, I wanted something a little smaller to carry around with me. The iPad was a little too big now and seeing as how I only used it for the Nook app and reading books, I thought I’d like a something a little more streamlined, compact, and just used for reading. I thought about the Kindle at first. We had purchased a Kindle for our teenage son for Christmas and I liked the way it felt in my hands. I loved that fact that it was only used for reading, not used for Facebook, Twitter, or email.

And a few Christmases before that I got the regular Nook Color for The Gent. With the Nook Color you could get online and do other stuff too. He seemed to like it but as I was thinking about getting “just an eReader” for myself I thought the Nook Color did too much, I didn’t need all that. I just wanted a good ole fashioned eReader… heh… get it “old fashioned?” Yeah okay then…..

So about a month ago I see the advertisement for the Nook w/Glowlight. Ooooooh! It was small, sleek, and just an eReader and you could use the built in light if you wanted to read in the dark. No glare on the screen when reading outside either. I had to have it. I don’t normally straight out ask The Gent to buy me stuff. But I did ask him straight up for this… and he bought it for me without question. Awwww. Is that all it takes? I just have to ask? Hmmmmmm.

The Nook w/Glowlight has an extra-long battery life making it convenient for on-the-go reading. The website boasts that you can read for a little over one month on a single charge. I am here to testify that they have every right to boast because it is true.

The glowlight itself is adjustable for low light or bright and spreads out under the screen evenly. Of course with any eReader you can adjust the text size and font if you desire. It comes with a built-in anti-glare screen protector that delivers a just-like-paper experience, great for outside reading. Yes, you can still highlight, look up words, and take notes on the Nook w/Glowlight.

Share your reads with your friends and borrow Public Library books on your Nook. I have not yet tried borrowing books from the public library via the universally accepted ePub format but I’ll figure it out eventually.

The images I posted does not do the Nook justice because I had to try and be all artsy fartsy and add the Instagram filters. Oh well, you get the idea.

Here…. here is an UNfiltered image of the Nook in action with the Glowlight…..

Since having an eReader (either as an app or the actual Nook itself) I have read over thirty books since January 2011. Those are the ones I kept up with on Good Reads anyway. Some of them were actual books but the majority of them have been on an eReader.

Right now the price for the Nook w/Glowlight is $139.00 via Barnes & Noble.

By the way, The Gent has taken over the iPad and gets more milage out of it than I did when I was using it. He loves it.

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