I swore I would do this one day. I would tell people all the time that I was going to do it. Well, last month I finally did it, I followed through on my threat.

Somehow I got dubbed the birthday-cake-purchaser-of-all-the-birthdays-in-the-office. At first, this wasn’t so bad because there wasn’t a lot of us. Now? Good grief, we probably have a birthday once a week. Well, maybe not that much but sometimes it seems like it, especially in the summertime when I have to go outside in the sweltering heat to go get cake.

Nonetheless, I would always threaten that at the beginning of each month I’d get ONE cake, put everyones name on it for that month who had a birthday and call it a day.

Instead, I found ZuZu’s Confections on Facebook and she saved the day with calendar of cookies. See photo below…..

[caption id=”attachment_5756” align=”aligncenter” width=”1024” caption=”ZuZu’s Confection, Office Birthday Calendar Cookies”][/caption]

You can’t see all the names on the cookies but we had six birthdays in the month of July. That would have been six inconvenient trips to the cake store and I saved the company money by ordering the calendar cookies from ZuZu’s.

I found ZuZu’s Confection via Facebook one day and she had posted a cute little design of cookies and I thought, “AH HA! I bet she can do a calendar cookie for me.” And so I contacted her and sure enough, she could, she did, and she delivered!

The office birthday calendar cookies were a huge success in my cynical-dripping office. Plus, no left over cake to worry about storing in the fridge only to go stale later and that we end up throwing out. No crumbs smeared all over the damned counter tops or kitchen floor due to people being too lazy to clean up after themselves. Nice! I will make ZuZu’s Confection a regular beginning of the month birthday tradition.

ZuZu’s Confection Website