Kitten Babies

So I walk out on our front porch, headed for my car this morning, when I am greeted with not one but two beautiful baby kittehs. You can obviously tell they are from the same litter; brother and sister or sister and sister or brother and brother - I didn’t investigate that far.

It was also obvious that someone had purposefully dumped them off on our cul de sac. I don’t know if they actually dumped them on our front porch or just turned into the cul de sac, opened their door, dumped them off, and turned tail. Shame on you whoever you are, you are disgusting and disgraceful.

[caption id=”attachment_5676” align=”aligncenter” width=”612” caption=”Cute and lovable baby kitties.”][/caption]

What type of person would do such a thing? What? You couldn’t call Forgotten Feline yourselves? I mean really, why, why would you do this to some innocent animal? Would you dump off your human baby after six months, suddenly deciding that the baby wasn’t for you? Never mind, in your case the baby would probably be better off without you and in a loving home.

Anyway, The Gent and I enlisted our neighbors and Facebook friends. We believe we found a taker for the cute kitten babies. Oh they are so cute, I really wish I could keep them but we have a dog and cat already. If I lived alone I’d have taken them in without question or blinking an eye.

Sorry, I was just venting about irresponsible people. Sometimes I can only shove it down for so long before I have to type it out.