Parenting Fail, As I See It Anyway

Parenting Fail, As I See It Anyway

It was a good Bible reading, mediation, and prayer morning. I feel grounded again. How long will this feeling last? Oh, probably until the rest of my coworkers come into work. Ha!

No, really. It’s all good. I have been reading and praying and meditating for the last week and half or so and I think I am starting to FINALLY get a glimpse of what I used to be like, back when I did this on a regular…

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Still Curious

Here I am, still being curious. I missed a few days on my daily Bible readings and I’ll miss some more later this week.

And I’m still confused about 1 Samuel but I am making my way through it anyway. It’s a good story. I like how David keeps refraining from killing Saul.

But who knew about Proverbs!? Little pearls of wisdom indeed!

What I am gathering from all of the verse, for now, is to praise…

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